Mid Michigan Community Fire Department

aka/ St. Louis Fire - Rescue

Mission Statement; Protect Life and Property, Prevent Harm, Survive, Be Friendly & Helpful in the Community.

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Services provided include Fire Suppression, Medical First Responder, Vehicle Extrication, Fire Prevention.

RIT (Rapid Intervention Training AFD)                   Miss Michigan visits MMCFD Fire hall. Note Chief's grin. 

Be safe, be safe, be safe!


"it's not about you stupid, it's about going home to your kid's!"

Chief Billy G. www.firefigherclosecalls.com


 what every firefighter needs to know www.firefighterclosecalls.com sign up for the line of duty death emails....  see how we kill our own, the same way, over and over and over...... 



News News News News 

February 2007 MMCFD receives grant from the Department of Homeland Security for Radios for all Firefighters and Wildland Firefighting gear.

February 2007 MMCFD takes delivery of a new 2000 gal US Tanker  MMCFD Tanker Project

December 2006 MMCFD receives grant from the Luneack Foundation for new Handheld HT's with addition communications and fire ground capabilities.


Traffic Accidents and roadway operations kills/injury's many every year.  Check out http://www.respondersafety.com/ for information on safe roadway opps.  Highways are very dangerous..

Looking for good training, send your officers and/or firefighters to www.commandschool.com 

September 2004 MMCFD acquires water rescue equipment, thanks for the generous donations from the community.  We purchased, 2 Gumby suits, ropes, swift water life jackets and a water rescue sled.

May 2004, we did it again!  MMCFD receives another AED for Michigan Center for Rural Health.  MMCFD "lends" 2 AED's to the St. Louis Police Department putting 2 AED's on Police Cruisers and 2 with the Fire Department.

April 2002, MMCFD receives 2 new defibrillators from the Michigan Center for Rural Health.  www.com.msu.edu/othermed/r-health   read the press release here

September 2002, MMCFD has been awarded a $55,000 Grant by FEMA to establish/equip an Rapid Intervention Team

September 2002, MMCFD receives a $750 grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to provide smoke detectors in homes!

Its here!  The new rescue Engine 641!

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http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/firehome.html    www.firehouse.com    www.jems.com     www.firefighting.com   www.iafc.org    www.firefigherclosecalls.com     www.fema.gov     www.commandschool.com  www.respondersafety.com/   www.firecommandandcontrol.com/ 

continuing education for EMT's  www.medcollege.com     www.emcert.com     www.eminet.com  

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